Topics of PhD theses

Topics of PhD theses by participants of the AAL Inter-University Program of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies

Marta Baron Wat plus VAT. A study on the relations between economics and literature in the works of Aleksander Wat
Joanna Barska Musicality in novel prose: music as a structural template
Michał Jędrzejek Joanna Barska Musicality in novel prose: music as a structural template
Maciej Junkiert Greece and its history in the words of Cyprian Norwid
Karolina Kolinek-Siechowicz Authenticity as a simulacrum: philosophical reflection on the turn of historical reconstruction of early music in the 20th and 21st centuries in a hermeneutic and phenomenological perspective
Małgorzata Kot The origins of complexes with leaf points in the light of analyses of negative retouching
Jan Kutnik Dynamics of the structure of existential variables
Jacek Małczyński Landscape of extermination. Nature in representations of the Holocaust
Krzysztof Pacewicz Krzysztof Pacewicz Life as excess. Metaphysics of biopolitics
Karolina Pawlik Transformations of Chinese characters in typographical art of the Shanghai avant-garde in 1912-1937
Agnieszka Podpora The ethics of remembrance of the Holocaust in Polish and Israeli post-Holocaust literature
Przemysław Piwowarczyk Social and organizational aspects of Gnostic groups in the 2nd-3rd centuries AD
Miłosz Puczydłowski Religious thought and secularism. Attempts at reconciliatory dialectics in the contemporary debate on secularization
Michał Rogalski The dispute over Catholic Polish modernism. Supporters of new trends and their opponents
Wojciech Jan Sajkowski French travelers in the Balkans in the 17th and 18th centuries and the image of the Balkans in French literature of that time
Piotr Słodkowski Marek Włodarski. Vivid representations as traces of the commitment of the Lviv and Warsaw avant-garde in 1930-1960
Adrianna Smurzyńska The relationship between knowledge of self and knowledge of others in inferential theories of learning other people’s minds
Paweł Tomczok The Muse of Distant Journeys as a study in narratology
Agnieszka Turska - Kawa A sense of alienation and media usage
Karol Wilczyński Askesis a Falāsifa Arabic metaphilosophy in the context of a practical vision of philosophy
Rafał Zawisza Natalism as the third attempt to overcome gnosis
Anna Żymełka The first linguistic turn. Hamann’s revolt, its significance and consequences