Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Inter-University Program of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies at the »Artes Liberales« Academy

I. Aims, structure and activities

§ 1

The Inter-University Program of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies of the »Artes Liberales« Academy (MPSID AAL), hereafter referred to as the Program, created and carried out with the support of the Conference of Polish University Rectors (Resolution No. 205, Dec. 7, 2007), is an inter-university and interdisciplinary form of education for graduates of interdisciplinary studies.

§ 2

The aim of the Program is to promote an interdisciplinary approach in humanities research and educate research and teaching staff.

§ 3

  1. The Program is implemented in cooperation with PhD programs at the universities forming the AAL.
  2. Studies in the Program may not last more than 4 years.
  3. Program participants are awarded a scholarship for a period of 1 year, with the reservation stemming from § 4.
  4. PhD students are required to finish their doctoral dissertation on time.

§ 4

Participants’ involvement in the Program and their progress in preparing their interdisciplinary dissertation is subject to an annual progress report. A positive evaluation allows the student to receive a scholarship for a subsequent year.

§ 5

After defending their dissertation, Program participants receive a PhD degree from their home university. This degree is supplemented with the Inter-University Program of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies alumnus certificate, signed by the Rectors of all the universities forming the »Artes Liberales« Academy.

§ 6

  1. Merit and organizational issues related to the Program are handled by the Coordination Board, which is appointed by the AAL Council for the duration of the Program and is accountable to the AAL Council.
  2. The Coordination Board is headed by the Program Chair appointed by the AAL Council upon a motion from the AAL Council Chair.
  3. Members of the Coordination Board, at least 3 and no more than 5, are appointed by the AAL Council upon a motion from the Program Chair.
  4. The Coordination Board collaborates both with the directors of PhD studies at the different universities and with the AAL Council to which it reports its annual activities.
  5. Directors of PhD studies from the different universities are associate members of the Coordination Board. Associate members do not take part in the decision-making process of the Coordination Board.
  6. The Program Chair as well as members of the Coordination Board may hand in their resignation or be dismissed from their post by a decision of the AAL Council.
  7. The Coordination Board reaches its decisions by a majority vote with at least half the members present.

§ 7

  1. Administrative issues are handled by the AAL Office.
  2. Accounting and finance issues related to the Program are handled by the »Artes Liberales« Institute Foundation (FIAL).

    II. Admission requirements

    § 8

    Admission to the program is open to those graduates of interdisciplinary studies who are in their first year of PhD studies at universities forming the »Artes Liberales« Academy, or who have just been enrolled in a PhD studies program

    § 9

    1. Admission to the Program is based on:
      • a. completed application form and a dissertation proposal, including how it will develop in an interdisciplinary approach, and
      • b. an interview.
    2. Application forms are assessed by two independent reviewers.
    3. The interview is held before the Qualifying Committee.
    4. Information on the admissibility criteria is made public by the Program Chair no later than 3 months prior to the start of the admission process.

    § 10

    The decision about admission to the Program is made by the Qualifying Committee headed by the Program Chair.

    § 11

    The Qualifying Committee is appointed by the »Artes Liberales« Academy Council. The Qualifying Committee is formed by the Program Coordination Board and specialists invited by the Program Chair who represent different academic disciplines related to the doctoral dissertations.

    III. Program participation requirements

    § 12

    Each Program participant works under the supervision of two academic tutors who represent two different disciplines of liberal arts and work at different universities from the AAL. One supervisor is from the home university's PhD program, the other is appointed by the AAL Council.

    § 13

    1. The tutor appointed by the AAL Council may become a co-supervisor of the PhD dissertation (which is then completed in the cotutelle system).
    2. In cases that proceed as specified in item 1, the costs related to the co-supervisor in the cotutelle system are covered by the Program.
    3. The decision to appoint the tutor chosen by the AAL Council as a co-supervisor is always consulted with the Program Chair and the director of PhD studies from the home university of the Program participant, in consultation with the first tutor and the prospective tutor in the Program, and with the participant’s consent.

    § 14

    1. Program participants are expected to attend classes organized as part of the Program. With the consent of the PhD studies directors from the universities forming the »Artes Liberales« Academy, and in consultation with the Program Chair, they are excused from some classes in those PhD programs.
    2. The Academy ensures all participants in the Program participation in interdisciplinary research as well as the possibility of teaching their own classes; proposals for such classes are assessed in a competition.

    § 15

    Program participants are obliged to teach classes based on their dissertation projects. The number of hours is determined by the framework the PhD programs at the universities forming the AAL. With the consent of the Program Chair and the PhD studies director of the home university, some of these classes may be taught at the »Artes Liberales« Academy.

    § 16

    An annual evaluation of Program participants’ involvement and progress in writing their dissertations is performed by the Coordination Board on the basis of the participants' reports and the opinions of the tutors and the directors of PhD studies from the home university. The Coordination Board has the right to consult independent reviewers.

    § 17

    Program participants have the right to appeal the Coordination Board decisions to the AAL Council. In the course of the appeal procedure, they have access to the opinions of their tutors, reviewers and the Coordination Board.

    § 18

    Students may be crossed off the list of Program participants by a decision of the AAL Council on the basis of a written motion submitted by the Program Chair and approved by the tutors and independent reviewers. The AAL Council's decision is final.

    § 19

    Consecutive stages of the doctoral degree procedure (opening of the procedure, appointment of supervisors and reviewers, choosing of specialist and auxiliary exams, public defense of the dissertation) follow the procedures practiced at the Program participant's home university.

    § 20

    The detailed rules of studying in the Program are set down by the Coordination Board in consultation with the AAL Council.

    § 20

    Changes to the Rules and Regulations are set down by the AAL Council.